Format: 85'

Target: Teens/Adults

Genre: Drama

Technique: 2D

Partner: Karmatique



Modeling/Texturing Props



A young police officer whose mission is to find and capture a certain Captain Kurt.

Marlow is a young police officer whose mission is to find and capture a certain Captain Kurtz, legendary member of the police who deserted the corporation and maintains a rebellious society in an almost inaccessible place in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Marlow will have to fulfill his mission in a small boat, undertaking a dangerous journey, navigating precariously the mangrove channels, through the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, between the slums, pollution and garbage, far from the beautiful and worlwide known touristic postcards of Rio de Janeiro.

Original Universe

Joseph Conrad published "The Heart of Darkness" for the first time in 1902. The book almost immediately became one of the greatest classics of English literature. His narrative tells the story of young Marlow, an English captain of a merchant ship that goes up the Congo River in search of an obscure ivory trafficker named Kurtz, whose methods severally displeased the merchant company that has hired him.

The story was masterfully adapted to the cinema for the first time by Francis Ford Coppola in "Apocalypse Now!", 1979. Set in the Vietnam war in the late 1960s, the film has Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen in the roles of Kurtz and Willard (Marlow). In 1993, the British filmmaker Nicolas Roeg directs a new adaptation of Conrad's work, this time for television, but in the universe of the original African artwork, with Tim Roth and John Malkovic at the roles of Marlow and Kurtz.