Target: Teens

Genre: Anime/Drama

Status: In development


Boy trapped in virtual reality leads a squad of five distinct videogame heroes in order to get back home.

Tyler, a passionate gamer kid, gets astonished when he is invited to test a new VR Gear. When he removes the gear, he realizes he is still inside the game’s world. In this place, he finds some weird bugs who start to appear and change the game’s programming logic, bringing chaos into the virtual world. Since he’s not part of the game, Tyler can move from one game to another and he can invite five native characters to join his journey. He joins Major Burke, a futuristic soldier from shooter game; Kali, an swordswoman elf from RPGs; Hideki, a proud-spirited fighter from fighting games; Daisy Cross, an stealthy assassin from adventure games and Worm Head, a freaky little monster with worms on his head from an undone game world. Tyler needs his heroes to advance in the games in order to find his way back home, and the heroes need Tyler in order to find out who was the responsible for the ruin of their worlds.