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Format: 13x22'

Target: Teens

Genre: Anime/Drama

Technique: 2D

Producers: Hype

Original IP


After seen his village be slaughter by cruel and powerful Covenants, Tera, the only survivor becomes a Covenant’s contractor in order to seek vengeance.

In a world where humans live along with Covenants, powerful and fantastic creatures linked to our world through mysterious rings, both species connect to each other through contracts of mutual interest, whose articles might hide terrible clauses. And that’s what Tera, a fourteen years old boy finds out when he presences the massacre of his village through the hands of four Contractors and their bloody Covenants. Determined to revenge his village, Tera’s path’ll cross Harmonica’s, a dreadful and powerful gunslinger covenant. Harmonica has his own vengeance to settle and decides to join to boy when he finds out that the kid carries one of the almost extinct God Solas’ weapons, objects capable of killing Covenants.


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