With the purpose to bring high quality entertainment to make this world a less boring place, our reward is your smile.


We believe that animation is a powerful tool to educate and awake curiosity to a youth audience. In that way, Hype partnered with TED Ed to work with great educators and scientists all over the globe to translate complex themes into fun animated explanation.




Los Amigos group is the union between three Latin American studios that share the same pipeline of production: Punkrobot, Hype and Red Studio. The group together produced more than 2.500 minutes of animation and worked with clients like Disney, Rovio and Silvergate.



Hype works for great stories to happen, keeping its feet on the present and aiming for the future, always looking for the difference we can make. The combination between people, technology and creativity makes us unique, it is the fuel that moves us towards the best technical performance, to seek perfection on each detail and that inspires us to find the perfect balance between form and content, stirring emotions through incredible stories and memorable characters.

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