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Format: 52X11'

Target: Kids 

Genre: Comedy/Adventure

Technique: 3D


Original IP


Two adventurous silverfishes try to save book’s happy ending from the hands of the guileful Moss.

Laslo and Lia are two sibling silverfishes who live inside a trailer landed on a shelf inside the library. Despite their opposite personalities, they adore each other’s company and they are always having fun with their robot mascot Lop Lop.


It’s not all fun and games for Laslo and Lia. When something goes out of hand inside a book's story, they get in action to fix it. They are the Guardians of the Books! Laslo and Lia travel into the books onboard of their technological trailer and there they can find the most different and fantastic worlds. From a kingdom made of candy to an entire civilization underwater. Together, brother and sister will try to save stories from the hands of the guileful Moss, their archenemy who hates happy endings.

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