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Target: Adults

Genre: Comedy

Technique: 3D

Producer: Hype


Original IP

A zombie family needs to adjust to a reality where they live harmoniously among the humans

Zombies are no longer the terrifying creatures they used to be. They evolved and became common citizens, with the same rights as humans do. Now they are allowed to have nonfunctional families, work as slaves, and have no idea about what is the meaning of life.


The Walkers is about two neighboring families: the Walkers and the Colombos. Bill Walker and Roger Colombo are the family patriarchs of their respective families. Bill is a proud zombie that hates humans, while Roger is a human that would do anything in order to become one of the undead. Roger even has Bill as his biggest idle, even with all the despising that Bill feels for him.


The series is a satire of contemporary society, full of pop culture references, dark rumor, and artificially brain flavored corn flakes.

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