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Format: 14" (Short)

Target: Adults

Genre: Drama

Technique: 3D

Producers: Hype


Full production

Meet Ed and his extraordinary life. Fifty years of an unforgettable journey. Many loves, adventures and remarkable stories. What nobody knows is why Ed wants to end it.

ED. is a short 3D animation of approximately 14 minutes long. The script was one of the 20 selected by the Cultural Ministry´s Short Movies Call for Entries 2010, amongst 900 submissions.

The project was Hype´s first experience in the cinematographic business. ED. was an extremely ambitious project, with the co-production of Coelho Voador, together with animation school On Fire.

The film was selected for 103 festivals in 33 countries, winning 28 awards.

Check out the full short below.


Full movie

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