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Format: 52x11'

Target: Kids

Genre: Adventure/Comedy

Technique: 3D


Original IP



Marvin, a young boy, is dragged into Bermuda Triangle, finding out that he’s a legendary hero described by ancient tales. Along with his new friend Edgar, a dragonciraptor, will have to solve mysteries and face all kinds of threats around.

In the Bermuda Triangle, a parallel dimension where historical, mythological and lost civilizations exist, there is an elder prophecy telling that a hero with triangular nose will rise and defend the society from the forces of evil.


No one would ever imagine that the hero could be Marvin, a little boy who is bullied at school because of his exotic nose. As soon as he lands on Triangle, he’s associated with the prophetic hero and he’s set with his first mission: he must slay a gruesome monster, but, when creature and boy meet, the unthinkable happens: they become best friends. Now Marvin and Edgar – a mixed breed between velociraptor and dragon, will have to prove to the Triangle population that they destiny is to save that land together!

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