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Kaia's Discoveries


Target: PreSchool

Genre: Edutainmement

Status: In development

Because learning is a big adventure!

Kaia's Discoveries is a preschool series about the curious Kaia. Each episode is like a fresh day in a kid's life: FULL OF DISCOVERIES! 

Through music and simple melodies, Kaia and her friends will show a new world to everyone that jumps along them into this adventure! How does the sun shine? Why the moon don't fall to earth? Who invented the computer? What is the Internet? How many types of dinosaurs existed?

Those are some of the themes surrounding Kaia's everyday discoveries and this is how Kaia and her friends will transform learning into a fun adventure!


What makes Kaia different?

Kaia's Discoveries is different right from the beginning, using cutting-edge technology since its first development. The music will be generated by Artificial Intelligence, learning from big hits among the children in order to create something special for them. Our hits will make you move, so be ready to sing and dance with Kaia and her friends!


Creating Music with AI

In an ever-changing world, Kaia is here to bring a new approach to the way kids learn and have fun through the help of state of art technology. That transforms the best educational rhymes and songs into important early-stage lessons.
Kaia's project, driven by human-machine collaboration intends to change what we think about composing music and content for pre-schoolers - after all, learning is one big adventure ;)


Lean Production

With the use of several automated tools during the preproduction development stages, will save lots of time and cut several processes, thus speeding up production time and reducing enormous costs. In the development stage, even the design of the characters were created with the minimalist approach to reduce production costs.


As an example, traditional CGI children' series (with around 300 minutes lenght) generally needs around 25 people in pre-production, but during the peak of production stage, it can reach more than 100 people working at the same time. This process takes an enormous amount of work and requires a lot of specialized labor.



Kaia's project proposal of pipeline, needs a more robust team during the pre-production stage, where several processes will be automated, in order to reduce the production to just few people working. Along with Unreal Engine, it will not be necessary a post-production team, because it will be performed in real time.


Game engine for animation

The number of game engine cases for animation has grown considerably in recent years. The real-time rendering technology is changing many aspects of CG in the animation field. For Kaia's Discoveries, it is extremely useful, since the proposal is a continuous weekly production of animation, and for that, it's necessary to create an extremely efficient and automated pipeline. To achieve that goal we will count on Unreal Engine as the main software of the pipeline (together with Blender).

Easier expansion into other media

t's very important to permeate all possible media in the IP ecosystem. Considering a game engine for the animated series, helps to eliminate several processes of exporting, retopology, re-rigging in order to produce games and apps from the series.

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