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Larry, the Schrimp


Target: Adults

Genre: Comedy

Status: In development



The life of a shrimp who acquires the ability to control time

Larry is a shrimp among the humans, but that is never questioned. He works in a toy store allying dominos, but he’s not the most stable shrimp. Although his innocent looks, Larry is revengeful, jealous and manipulative and a hardcore lover of cheese nuggets. The only people who care about Larry are his best friend Chuck and his crush, Anabelle. Both of them work at the toy store. Chuck dresses up costumes to entertain children and Anabelle is a cashier. I would be an excellent working place for Larry if wasn’t for his boss, Pete, who is always grumpy and constantly complaining about our shrimps dominos when he sees them thrown around. For that reason, Larry must align the dominos constantly. To make it even worst, Pete’s Anabelle’s father, which makes Larry’s romantic approaches even harder.

Oh! And Larry can control time. He can go back to the past or warp to the future, as well as stopping time to do whatever he wants meanwhile. When he wears his little brown bow tie he becomes Larry, the Super Shrimp and protects us with his super powers – or use them on his own profit, which is mostly what usually happens

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