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Format: 26x22''

Target: Teens

Genre: Musical/Comedy

Technique: 2D

Original IP


Young shy girl has her life completely changed once her inner self, a version more dynamic and outgoing, is set free, willing to get rid of the girl’s shyness.

The series is about Liz’s life, a pre-teenager of twelve years old who’s extremely shy. On the first day of the middle school, she sets Zil free, her inner self who’s just like her, except for the fact that she outgoing, snooty and can only be seen by Liz. Zil can even take over Liz behavior, making her high school life an even crazier adventure than she expected. Little by little, Liz’s life will be changed by Zil’s presence, allowing her to live different experiences and meeting people she’d probably never know if wasn’t for the spontaneity of this odd girl who insists on taker her out of her comfort zone, always with the best intentions

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