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We are Hype and we work to make this world a less boring place

now in the corporate and educational market!

In the last 15 years in the entertainment industry, we have accumulated partners such as:


Just a brief compilation of what we've accomplished in the entertainment world

Asset 26_5xtt.png

In 2019 we built a great partnership with TED Talks, and we realized that we can make education less boring through engaging storytelling and animation in motion graphics :)

It all started with this short video about the history of eye surgery

Wait... motion what?

Motion Graphics, Motion Design, or just Mograph for the close friends ;)


Well, this is a different animation technique than Pixar's 3D and 2D methods.

Mograph is known for using, in addition to characters, graphical visuals, which can be distinguished from traditional animation because they are not strictly character driven or story-based and often represent more abstract ways to represent content.

Too much blah blah blah, right? 

I guarantee it's less boring if you click play (that's what the mograph is for!)

Só clicar ;)

And it's not just us who are talking about this...

Christina Perricone

In 2019, video was the number 1 form of media used in content strategy, overtaking blogs and infographics.

Anish Patel
Revolution Production

Animated videos give you unlimited freedom to convey anything, no matter how complex or dry the subject, in a fun and carefree way.

Bogdan Krstic

The simple reason videos are so much more engaging is because a person can feel a much deeper emotional connection through video content than they can through image and text. Also, videos are much more memorable than text.

Got it! Ok, but and the TED?

Well, back to TED. We made this first video as a test, and now in 2022, we closed three years of this partnership, with more than two dozen animations produced:

Ok! But besides TED, what else did you do with Mograph?


And who have you worked with?


I liked! How do we start?


Bethany Cutmore-Scott | Produtora TED-Ed

We started working with Hype in 2019 and have been consistently blown away by their talents, their project management team and their professionalism. After only working with the Hype team on a few projects, we felt they had demonstrated their competence and reliability to the point that we felt comfortable enough to trust them with several pieces for an important partner project. They did an incredible job on every part. Each video was between 4-6 minutes long, each one required a different design approach and contained complicated scientific explanations, and the Hype team delivered beautiful results, on time. We have continued to work with them now that the partner project is complete, and they are one of our most trusted collaborators.



Marcio Shima

Business Development



Rua Portugal, 776

Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil

CEP 90520-310

+55 51 32079710



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